The Dentists of Croatia offer all their experience for the care of the Children’s Teeth

Prevention and pediatric stomatology for Dentists in Croatia are two almost connected branches, both dealing with oral tooth disease, periodontium and structures in the oral cavity

Thanks to the use of a specific “Water Laser” laser of the American company Biolase, the Dentist of Croatia will be able to cure the teeth in a painless way without resorting to the use of anesthesia or a drill

Dentists in Croatia have made significant progress in the health outcomes of the Children’s Teeth

CLEANING THE TARTARO with the Air Flow method and Perio flow: the Croatian dentist cleans the surface of the teeth from plaque and tartar. This treatment lasts only 15 minutes and is painless and refreshing

OZONOTHERAPY The Dentist of Croatia mineralizes ozone on the tooth tissue until it is completely sterilized. Dental tissue is cleaned of all those micro-organisms that cause the erosion of the tooth itself The intervention on the Teeth lasts only 40 seconds, is completely painless, the Dentist of Croatia does it without anesthesia, without a drill, without any other aggressive method. This treatment is also indicated for the disinfestation of fungi, canker sores, root canal treatments

SEALING OF THE CRUSHES the Dentist of Croatia after having cleaned and sterilized the Teeth proceeds with the sealing of the cracks adding the appropriate material in the cavities of the Teeth of the children

Visit our dentists in Croatia your teeth will remain protected for longer!