Through the Orthodontic treatment the Dentist of Croatia will make a diagnosis on the anomalous position of your Teeth and will study a new and correct alignment on the dental arches

An irregular alignment of the teeth can cause unwanted effects on the back muscles, on the vertebral column, on the upper and lower limbs and even if the human body will choose an adaptation strategy by its nature this could nevertheless lead to an irregular posture that it will have the effect of increasing the fatigue and strain of your muscles.

If you have the impression of not having proper dental alignment, it is advisable to check with the orthodontist in Croatia that there are no dental malocclusions

There are many factors that contribute to a dazzling smile: bright white teeth, full lips, smooth and hydrated skin, relaxed muscles but also a regular shape of the dental arches

Aware that in our society the image has increasingly become an aspect of primary importance and that an unpleasant impact can cause a reduced psycho-emotional balance, invisible dental devices have been created.

It is now possible thanks to these invisible orthodontic devices to maintain an esthetic appearance and at the same time achieve a correct alignment of the dental arches.

The invisible device the removable invisible masks are made of transparent resin following a cast of the dental arch. These dental devices must be applied to the teeth both day and night; they must be removed only during meals, they are almost invisible, guarantee an excellent result of dental alignment.

The fixed invisible device is made of very thin metal wires that are applied to the teeth with adhesives that do not damage the dental surface and which can be easily removed from the teeth at the end of orthodontic treatment.

This dental device positioned by the Orthodontist of Croatia does not cause pain, ensures a good aesthetic result, can be considered one of the best solutions in case of malocclusions or complex dental misalignments.

Our Rijeka Orthodontists in Croatia have a lot of experience in this field: The incorrect positioning of the teeth affects the facial appearance, makes oral hygiene of the teeth more difficult, facilitates the early appearance of tooth decay.

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