Oral surgery with the Croatian dentist has become a pain-free experience!

The most modern techniques and equipment allow the Dentist of Croatia to extract Teeth and perform multiple oral surgery treatments without any ache

Sometimes for a series of motivated reasons the Dentist of Croatia will have to resort to the extraction of some Teeth

The Dentist of Croatia evaluates the extraction of the Teeth when they are severely carious, when there is an advanced periodontal disease in progress, when the Teeth are broken in such a way that it is no longer possible to repair them, when the Teeth are misplaced in the mouth , when Teeth are in preparation for orthodontic treatment

Our dentists in Croatia have a lot of experience in assessing the impact that a tooth extraction can have on your aesthetics and chewing ability

In many cases, the Croatian dentist will discuss alternatives to tooth extraction or replacement of the extracted tooth

The Dentist of Croatia during the extraction of the teeth uses a special ultrasound instrument called “Piezo Surgery” able to make the dental treatment painless and require the least use of force

After tooth extraction the Croatian dentist will advise you not to smoke for at least 4-5 hours, do not consume alcohol for 24 hours, do not rinse your mouth, avoid hot drinks for 24 hours, do not brush Teeth on the side of ‘extraction, eat soft and warm food for the first 24 hours, chew on the healthy side of the mouth

Consult our dentists in Croatia you will avoid the same fate with the other Teeth!

The Croatian dentist will perform a filling when he has to treat the cavity of one or more teeth

In addition to not being particularly pleasing to the eye, the silver teeth fillings contain 50 percent of mercury, the Croatian dentist can remove these parts from the tooth and prevent the corrosion of this material causing stains on the teeth and gums

The Croatian dentist replaces the fillings of silver-colored teeth with aesthetic restorations in all-ceramic called inlays / onlays

Thanks to Spectra Shade, the Croatian dentist will precisely match the color of the new ceramic reconstructions to the color of your natural teeth

Visit our dentists in Rijeka in Croatia the result will be a beautiful smile!