Endodontic root canal treatment for the Croatian dentist is one of the most common dental procedures

With this simple treatment, the Dentist from Croatia can save your natural teeth and prevent the need for dental implants or bridges

If you experience any of these symptoms of infection: visible lesions to the Tooth, swelling of the Tooth, sensitivity of the tooth to temperature, pain in the Tooth and gums, consult our Dentists in Croatia

The infection of the teeth can also be asymptomatic, in this case if the tooth will be left for a long time without treatment, even for the Dentist of Croatia it will no longer be possible to save it and will have to proceed with a dental extraction.

Tooth infection may be caused by deep caries, Tooth cracking, Tooth splitting, repeated procedures to the teeth, Tooth traum

Endodontics in Croatia are performed by the dentist using a mechanical and chemical method: the tooth channels are first dilated with a machine processing and then filled

The Dentist from Croatia carefully cleans the root canal system of the tooth using special localization tools and electronic detectors that record the exact length of the tooth canal with high precision.

The tooth canal before filling is treated by the Croatian dentist with bioozono a gas that disinfects and eliminates the contact of bacteria with the tooth root tissue

After a careful treatment of sterilization and filling of the tooth, the Dentist of Croatia hermetically seals the channels of the tooth with a shutter capable of practicing the thermal condensation of the material

The treatment performed in the canals of the tooth by our dentists in Croatia is painless

RVA – Radiovisography: The Dentist of Croatia during the treatment of the Dente’s channels makes digital recordings with projection of the images of the Teeth

LOCATOR APEKS: the Dentist from Croatia performs the electronic measurement of the tooth canal

BIOOZON: the Dente canal is disinfected by the Croatian dentist with bioozone, a special gas that avoids tooth contact with all bacteria. Kalmar Implant Dentistry in Croatia has 4 types of Bioozono

SYBRON OBTURATOR: the Croatian dentist practices the thermal condensation of the material for filling the tooth canal. This tool gives the dentist of Croatia the opportunity to achieve a more hermetic and longer-lasting closure of the teeth