When it is necessary to restore the integrity of the dental arch, the Croatian dentist will apply a crown or dental bridges

Thanks to the Cad / Cam technology, the Dentist from Croatia detects the optical impression of the Dentatura (photo scanner) and designs in 3D the tooth or the smile chosen

Dental simulated dental crowns and bridges from the dentist in Croatia are manufactured in our in-house dental laboratory with biocompatible materials of the highest quality, clinically tested and long-lasting

To achieve greater strength of crowns and dental bridges, the Croatian dentist will adopt a high compression manufacturing process

The Dental Prosthetics prepared with this method by the Dentist of Croatia will appear smoother and with better adherence to the gingiva compared to those manufactured with traditional systems

The transparency of the Ceramics and the abrasive quality of the blocks used by our dentists in Croatia make possible a perfect imitation of the natural teeth

For the assembly of a bridge or dental crown The dentist from Croatia will take one or two sessions

It is usual for these dental treatments to last 30 or 40 years