It is a denture diagnostic tool used by the Croatian dentist to perform functional analysis of the mandibular joint

This device allows the Dentist of Croatia to measure the movements of the jaw in reference to the jaw and its alignment to the cranial base

The movement of the Teeth recorded by a computer and an articulator called “Protar” entirely adapted to the patient will allow the Dentist of Croatia to build a correcting byte with very high precision.

This analysis of the Croatian dentist is the first step to be taken to identify the imbalance of the temporomandibular joint which is very often caused by disordered occlusion, traum and systemic lack.

Thanks to Arcus Digma Therapy The Croatian Dentist will be able to build a corrective byte and identify a new therapeutic position of your Teeth and your jaw

We are among the very few Dentists in Croatia to offer this therapy to their patients and we are of the opinion that it is the basis for a complete Teeth therapy.

If you experience the following symptoms: pains in the mandibular joint, grinding of the teeth, limited oral opening, pains during chewing, noise (clac) in the mandibular joint, pains in the neck, shoulder and cervical muscles, tinnitus (ears that whistle) and weak hearing please contact our dentists in Croatia because you are the ideal candidate for the Arcus Digma therapy!