Have you ever wondered how Hollywood stars do to have such beautiful teeth and smiles so perfect?

In reality, the possibilities in Nature to be born with such perfect teeth and wonderful smiles are minimal

The Croatian dentist can get you the same result with straight and white teeth

Below are some of the dental services of cosmetic dentistry guaranteed by our dentists in Croatia

Dental veneers:

They are thin ceramic veneers that the Croatian dentist will place on the front surfaces of the teeth in order to improve your aesthetics

The dental veneers built by the Dentist of Croatia with Swiss ceramics are not recognizable by the tooth itself

Dental veneers designed by the Croatian dentist correct the space between the teeth, change the color and shape of the tooth, make the smile more beautiful

The positioning of dental veneers requires the Dentist from Croatia to pay great attention to the aesthetic detail of the teeth and a high degree

Dentists from Croatia perform these veneers on Routine Teeth, designing individually on a case-by-case basis with the aim of combining and enhancing the characteristics of your Teeth and your smile

Inlay and Onlay:

When more than half of the tooth surface is damaged, the Croatian dentist will perform a treatment called inlay or onlay.

Inlays / onlays are Dental Restorations in Swiss ceramic that the Dentist of Croatia will apply on the damaged area of ​​the Teeth Inlay is a ceramic inlay that the Croatian Dentist will cement within the cusps of the Tooth

The Onlay is a ceramic inlay that the Croatian Dentist will extend over one or more cusps outside the Tooth

It is usual for these dental treatments to last 30 or 40 years

Air-Flow treatment:

Cleaning of Teeth that is performed by our dentists in Croatia with a flow of high pressure bicarbonate water air mixed in powder and vertically directed on the surface of the Teeth

The Air-Flow teeth cleaning treatment performed by the Croatian dentist is quick and painless

After this procedure, the Croatian dentist will perform a sandblasting treatment and a further passage on the teeth with an ultrasonic scaler

With regular dental hygiene treatments it will be possible to prevent plaque build-up on the teeth and cause much more serious problems such as tooth decay or gum disease

Teeth Whitening:

The color of the teeth changes due to aging, frequent use of coloring products, coffee, black tea, red wine, tobacco, hereditary factors, use of certain drugs, inflammation of the teeth, traumas of the teeth, use of products containing fluorine on Teeth, consequences of previous treatments to the teeth

Teeth whitening is performed by the Croatian dentist in accordance with the specific rules and conditions of each patient

Thanks to the use of the Laser Smile (Biolase America) the Dentist of Croatia will whiten your teeth without damaging the enamel

Before proceeding with a teeth whitening treatment, the Croatian dentist will completely remove plaque and tartar from your teeth with professional Air-Flow cleaning

The application of a special gel on the surface of the teeth, a semiconductor diode, a flexible optical fiber will allow the Dentist of Croatia to channel a laser source of energy into the affected area of ​​your Teeth.

Teeth whitening is the reaction obtained by oxidation

Teeth with fillings or crowns will not be whitened therefore the Croatian Dentist will perform the Dental whitening treatment before encapsulating or implanting new Teeth